Leon Draisaitl with the Edmonton Oilers.
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Insider has troubling report about Leon Draisaitl's contract extension status

Published March 21, 2024 at 8:55 PM

As Oilers fans continued to enjoy the success they are having this season after a disastrous first two months, the next major story is looming on the organization as July 1st rapidly approaches.

This is when the window will open for the Oilers to re sign one of their most prolific stars in Leon Draisaitl. TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger however, announced today a shocking prediction that may upset many Oilers fans.

As it's expected Oilers fans would want Draisaitl to sign an extension this summer and settle everyone's nerves knowing that one of their best talents in Oilers history would be locked up for the long term it's not uncommon for stars of his caliber to give themselves some time to assess where they stand with the organization.

The team also has some runway as he still has an $8.5 million-year next season before becoming an unrestricted free agent.

In his ten years with the Oilers, Draisaitl has been one of the more consistent players with many seasons over 100 points. This season has been less productive in terms of his usual output but still holds an impressive 66 games played with 34 goals scored, 53 assists and 87 points being a + 20.

There are still questions that remain for the Oilers as rumors continue to swirl of the pending retirement of general manager Ken Holland and who would be his replacement.

Would a new GM have a diferent look towards Draisaitl, especially if he was from outside the organization? The other question of course would be what kind of contract should Draisaitl be offered?

As the superstars continue to line up on various teams for their raises, Draisaitl will be front and centre and could push the market even further into the stratosphere.
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Insider has troubling report about Leon Draisaitl's contract extension status

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