All Edmonton Oilers jerseys hanging in a store.
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Fanatics botches Oilers jersey with a hilarious mistake

Published March 18, 2024 at 4:23 PM

Next season, NHL jerseys will change over from their current manufactures in Adidas to Fanatics. The new company has taken serious heat online for being completely oblivious to quality control, and making a very cheap product. Today, one fan took to social media to share an Oilers jersey he ordered from Fanatics, which they botched in the ultimate way.

It's absolutely hilarious and bizarre to even see a jersey like this, with Draisaitl's nameplate and McDavid's number. This actually approaches the territory where it's such a massive mistake that it's a collectors item.

Plenty of fans, media, and players have voiced serious concerns about Fanatics as a jersey manufacturer across all major sports. This season Fanatics is beginning to introduce their on-field jerseys to MLB, and they're so cheaply made that they barely resemble a classic baseball jersey. The nameplates are much cheaper and slanted, the pants are actually see through, and there's been plenty of simple spelling mistakes. The worst part for fans is these official jerseys are still hundred of dollars to buy, and they look like knockoffs. Fanatics CEO Mike Rubin has actually recognized the poor quality, and said the company is still working to improve things.

Hopefully Fanatics learns from their disastrous launch in the MLB that they need to pay significantly more attention to detail with their product. By the time they take over NHL jerseys next season, they should've learned their lesson and simply make better jerseys.
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Fanatics botches Oilers jersey with a hilarious mistake

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