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Evander Kane refuses bait question from Edmonton Oilers media

Published May 7, 2024 at 2:22 PM

The upcoming Oilers and Canucks series will be an all-time rivalry matchup in the playoffs. For Evander Kane, it's an especially special matchup against his hometown, but his allegiances are still clear.

When interviewed today after practice, TSN's Ryan Rishaug asked Kane if he could compare the Oilers and Canucks fanbase, and Kane immediately recognized the question as bait, and shot it down.

Kane is a Vancouver native, and is obviously familiar with Canucks fans and their tumultuous history - and their deep-seated rivalry with the Edmonton Oilers. Kane will have plenty of his Vancouverite family in the stands, but is still looking to silence the crowd. If anything, Kane relishes the opportunity to eliminate his hometown team in the other side of a legendary rivalry.

»It'll be fun. I think any time two Canadian teams get together, especially in the playoffs, it gives that little extra. You gotta enjoy it, try to use it as even more leverage to play your best game. Obviously being in Vancouver, get to have some friends and family in the stands and be in front of a very hostile environment in Vancouver, so that'll be fun.»
-Evander Kane

It's great to see Kane play on both sides of the rivalry, especially considering his role as one of the more punishing power forwards in the NHL. For the Oilers in the playoffs, Kane has always fought through injury to play his best games of the year, and it was on full display in the series against Los Angeles. If Kane can continue to bring that kind of game, he'll be an X-Factor and throw the Canucks off their game entirely.

Kane is a real emotional leader for the Oilers, and to see him embrace this rivalry so clearly will be great for the Oilers through this series.
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Evander Kane refuses bait question from Edmonton Oilers media

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