Edmonton Oilers connected to Stanley Cup Champion Sniper in trade

Liam McCormick
February 8, 2024  (6:37 PM)

Ken Holland answering media questions
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Edmonton Oilers connected to Stanley Cup Champion Sniper in trade

Earlier tonight, Pierre LeBrun of TSN gave a detailed updated to the Edmonton Oilers trade deadline plans. In recent days they've been connected to several defence and goaltenders, but LeBrun is clarifying their priority is a top-six line mate for Draisaitl. According to LeBrun, the Oilers targets at the moment are Jake Guentzel, Jordan Eberle, and Vladimir Tarasenko.
The Oilers have been connected to both Guentzel and Eberle for some time now during this season. Both come with extremely high ceilings of offensive output with top-six minutes on the Oilers. Guentzel is arguably the best player, the youngest, and the biggest offensive threat, but Jordan Eberle has the benefits of now being a veteran and a consistent proven goal scorer - and it also would be incredible to have a reunion with the team's first round draft pick in 2008.
Vladimir Tarasenko is a new name being connected to the Oilers, and he too would be an incredible addition to the team's second line. The 32 year old forward is a Stanley cup champion and veteran of over 700 games, and consistently scores over 20 goals each season. This year on a struggling Senators' team, Tarasenko has 13 goals and 33 points in 45 games. Tarasenko recently changed agents, reportedly unhappy with the losing season in Ottawa. He's owed just $5M for the rest of this season.
Of course, for the Oilers to acquire any of these three forwards, significant cap space would need to be going the other way. Right now the Oilers have $2.4M in cap space, so a trade of Kulak, Ceci, or Foegele would work to free up the space. Kulak or Ceci are becoming the more prime candidates for a cap casualty with the emergence of Broberg in the minors, but also, all this could change if the team finds a way to trade Campbell.
Hopefully, Oilers GM Ken Holland makes the right move to push this team over the top. The Oilers already clearly primed for a long run in the playoffs regardless, but acquiring one of these moves would make their offence unbeatable.
Edmonton Oilers connected to Stanley Cup Champion Sniper in trade

Would Tarasenko be a good addition to the Oilers?

Get Guentzel or Eberle instead31436.4 %
Get a Center instead647.4 %
Need defence or goaltender31937 %
Yes, Tarasenko is perfect16519.1 %
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