Corey Perry with the Oilers
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Corey Perry makes a classic worm-like play that leads directly to a goal

Published February 10, 2024 at 10:11
Last night against his former team, the Anaheim Ducks, Corey Perry was promoted to the second line and got a chance to show off his offensive game with the Oilers stars. Midway through the second period with the Oilers down by one, Perry made one of his classic pest plays and got under the goaltender's skin, which led directly to a goal from Evander Kane.

Ducks' goaltender John Gibson left the net momentarily to play the puck, and while Corey Perry skated by, he made sure to slap the stick out of his hands and leave him shaken up for the rest of the play, protesting about his stick. Gibson was clearly off his game, and Kane was able to rip a shot past him while the goalie stick was still on the ice.

It's these types of plays which aren't necessarily dirty, but just mildly unsportsmanlike, that Corey Perry really excels in. At 38 years old, he doesn't need to play a punishing physical game to be an effective physical player - it's antics like this that are enough to get under the opponents skin. Paired with elite offensive players like Draisaitl and Kane who can take advantage of a distracted team, the new second line proved be be the Oilers' best last night.

Last night Perry played the most ice time he has yet as an Oiler, and recorded his first point as an assist. It's great to see him back in the ice and in his element as the worm once again, but this time on our side.
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Corey Perry makes a classic worm-like play that leads directly to a goal

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