Corey Perry answers if he will retire after Game 7 of Stanley Cup Final

Liam McCormick
June 23, 2024  (3:09 PM)

Corey Perry speaking to media
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Corey Perry is 39 years old and has played over 1300 NHL games, so now he's facing questions about his retirement after the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Final with the Oilers.

Speaking to the media today, Corey Perry shot down any speculation on retirement, and said he could play much longer based on the way he feels.
Uh, no. I've got more in me. I've got lots more in me: five more years. What's so funny? I feel like I'm 25!
- Corey Perry

Obviously it's a joke that Perry believes he could play another 5 years, but his comments make it clear that he has no intention on retiring at the end of this year. The veteran pest will be a free agent again at the end of this season, and he may have some trouble finding a contract offer from another team.

Corey Perry announces he wants to return to the NHL next season

Perry has slowed down significantly towards the end of this season, and at times has been in and out of the Oilers playoff lineup. He still brings incredible value to the team as a leader and with his fourth line play, but Perry isn't the elite player he was 10 years ago anymore. Still, he might be able to earn another contract with a rebuilding team like San Jose, Utah, or a return to Anaheim to be a veteran presence. He definitely won't return to Chicago, though. As Mark Spector added, Perry can still help a team on a cheap contract.
While he still wants to play another year, Perry has also realized and accepted that he might not be signed to another NHL contract. If this is it for the veteran and the Oilers win tomorrow night, it wouldn't be so bad to go out with another Stanley Cup. We'll have to wait and see this offseason if Corey Perry signs another contract to stay in the NHL.
Source: Mark Spector
Corey Perry speaks on retirement after this season
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Corey Perry answers if he will retire after Game 7 of Stanley Cup Final

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