Connor McDavid makes incredible personal gesture to Ben Stelter family

Liam McCormick
May 25, 2024  (3:30 PM)

Connor McDavid and Ben Stelter
Photo credit: The Hockey Beast

The Edmonton Oilers felt a deep personal loss when young superfan Ben Stelter passed away in 2022, and since then Connor McDavid has been helping the family.

Stelter's family and the Oilers have kept Ben's memory alive through the Ben Stelter foundation, but now unfortunately, the father Mike Stelter has also been diagnosed with cancer. Mike has been undergoing Proton Therapy treatment in the United States.
Now Connor McDavid and Zach Hyman are helping with his treatment, and building Canada's first Proton Therapy Center in Edmonton under the Stelter foundation.
When I found out Mike was in Philadelphia getting treatment, we were there for a game, and it was great to see him while he was going through his proton therapy treatment. It was good to get a chance to see him, see how he was doing and seeing that facility he was at, it's a state of-the-art facility there.»
-Connor McDavid

McDavid has met with Mike Stelter personally in Philadelphia to be with him while undergoing treatment, and see the treatment center they want to replicate in Edmonton. Two months ago, Connor McDavid and Zach Hyman presented Mike Stelter with a $25,000 donation to the Stelter foundation. Afterwards, Mike reiterated just how great of a person McDavid is.
»«As good as Connor is on the ice, he's even better off the ice. It's pretty cool with everything with Ben, he helped out a ton and it wasn't for show or anything like that, it was all pretty genuine.»
-Mike Stelter

McDavid and the Oilers formed an unbreakavle bond with Stelter family, and it shows through their continued actions with the foundation. After big wins, McDavid says he still thinks about the Stelter family. It will be incredible for McDavid to bring this therapy center to help millions of Canadians.
As the wins get bigger in the third round of the playoffs, they're still thinking of Ben post game, and it's heartwarming to hear. We're all still saying Play La Bamba Baby, for all Oilers fans and especially in the memory of Ben.
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Connor McDavid makes incredible personal gesture to Ben Stelter family

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