Connor McDavid and Paul Bissonnette
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Connor McDavid angered by Paul Bissonnette making a personal joke

Published March 14, 2024 at 7:04 PM

On last night's NHL on TNT broadcast, Paul Bissonnette brought up what's become a long-standing joke between himself and Oilers superstar Connor McDavid. It's known that McDavid will often hosted team parties where the guys will hang out in his hot tub. Being the more humble and shy person he is, McDavid never really appreciated the jokes, and actually told Bissonnette to stop - but last night he brought it up again.

While Bissonnette was talking about the hot tub, he genuinely seemed a bit nervous or embarrassed for bringing it up once again, leading to himself and the other hosts saying he'll get mad again when he finds out about the clip.

This story about the hot tub joke between McDavid and Bissonnette goes back years now, to when Tyson Barrie first described the awesome hot tub and the parties McDavid would host. Eventually, McDavid relented to shout out his Hot Tub in his Hart Trophy acceptance speech to both shut up Bissonnette and make a donation to the Ben Stelter fund.

It's definitely a bizarre situation, where you honestly can't tell if McDavid is in on the joke, or genuinely embarrassed and wishing Bissonnette stops. Judging by his demeanour in the most recent clip, it looks like Bissonnette was actually a bit nervous, so maybe this is actually all real.
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Connor McDavid angered by Paul Bissonnette making a personal joke

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