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Canucks fans call for boycott of Boston Pizza after supporting Oilers

Published May 6, 2024 at 8:29 PM

This one is just simply hilarious. The upcoming Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks playoff series will be a rivalry matchup that extends well past the ice, and apparently, to Boston Pizza.

Hilariously, a Boston Pizza restaurant in Penticton, British Columbia has placed a formal endorsement of the Oilers on a road sign. Canucks fans are absolutely livid, and taking to social media to call for a boycott.

It's entirely ridiculous to call a boycott of a restaurant chain air simply supporting another team, and hilarious that Canucks fans are really up in arms about this. It just goes to show how seriously fans take a playoff series like this, and how deeply the rivalry really travels. Even former Oiler Ryan Whitney commented on the Canucks fans' anger, saying they're soft for lobbing the complains.

Plenty of fans on both sides weighed in on social media, with Vancouverites demanding they change their message, and Oilers fans loving the show of passion in enemy territory.

It's a prime and hilarious example of the true hockey passion that exists for these teams, and how the rivalries extend towards the fans. Plenty of folks have said a series like this could totally break Canada, and especially knowing the history in Vancouver, things could really get crazy.
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Canucks fans call for boycott of Boston Pizza after supporting Oilers

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