Analyst destroyed for saying media isn't telling the truth about Hyman

Liam McCormick
March 26, 2024  (4:29 PM)

Zach Hyman on the ice with the Edmonton Oilers.
Photo credit: OilersNation

Zach Hyman has been one of the best feel good stories in hockey about work ethic leading to success, which is why everyone was shocked when Habs analyst Andrew Berkshire went after the Oilers forward.

In a video he posted to X, Berkshire laid out his thoughts that the media isn't telling the truth about Hyman being a success story of hard work leading to results. Berkshire went on to explain that he believes Hyman's privileged upbringing detracts from the validity of him being a success story. It's a long video, and honestly it's not worth your time.
The story that's being sold right now and repeated ad nauseam all over media is that if you work hard, if you stick to it, you can get there too. 31 year old guy finally hit the 50 goal mark Yeah. Great. Except you're missing the part of the story where Zach Hyman grew up insanely rich.

Berkshire went on to tell the story that Hyman grew up very privileged, and his parents spent a great amount of money to get him opportunities and coaching growing up. Then through his career, Hyman was gifted the chance to play with the stars of the Leafs and Oilers, perhaps the greatest players in the game. For these reasons, Berkshire says he believes the media is being dishonest about the story of Hyman. In droves, people came out in defence of Hyman's character and achievement this season.
It's an absolutely bizarre and unjustified attack on Zach Hyman to essentially suggest that his parents bought his way to the NHL. It's so obvious that the story is celebrating a player that's obviously less skilled achieving milestones for offensive stars, no one is suggesting any random 31 year old could score 50 goals. It's all around bizarre behaviour from Berkshire, and he's deservedly taking some heat for the video.
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Analyst destroyed for saying media isn't telling the truth about Hyman

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