Stuart Skinner answering questions post game.
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Skinner shows his true sportsmanship with unusual move

Published January 7, 2024 at 6:27 PM
It's always common to see NHL stars and players giving props two there opponents as they are always willing to recognize their talent and if they had played better. When the Ottawa Senators came to town to play the Oilers, the game went as expected.

The Oilers played a great game at home and they won 3-1. However, after the game was over and the media met up with Oilers goaltender Stuart Skinner, he described an unusual move that he did with Sens netminder Anton Forsberg.

It's great to see that Skinner is showing his true sportsmanship as he recognizes that Forsberg even though he lost the game gave the senators a chance to stay in the hunt while doing several acrobatic saves that could be highlight reels on their own.

Skinner has been instrumental himself in restoring the Oilers to a playoff spot as he is played brilliantly during their recent stretch since November 21st.

Over his last five games, his lowest save percentage was .912 and numbers well above .930. Over the past 27 games, he has gone 16-9-1 with a goals against average of 2.76 and a save percentage of .898.

With the Oilers enjoying their mid season surge, many will expect Skinner to continue his play as the Oilers strive to put themselves in a better playoff position.
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Skinner shows his true sportsmanship with unusual move

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