Stuart Skinner and Grant Fuhr
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Oilers legend Grant Fuhr has amazing message for Stuart Skinner

Published January 27, 2024 at 6:03 PM
With the recent record breaking performance of the Oilers, one of the best stories to follow has been Stuart Skinner's emergence as a top starter in the league. His play has been very inspiring for the Oilers as a whole, and his confidence has been extremely high as well.

Skinner has been on a streak himself, with the win over Nashville today giving Skinner 12 straight wins, giving him the Oilers franchise record. This was previously held by Grant Fuhr, who seems to be a fan of Skinner himself. Fuhr reached out to Skinner in a video congratulating him, which is an unbelievable feat all on its own.

It's amazing to see Fuhr have such confidence in Skinner, and the Oilers as a whole. Tom have such a legend in the franchise reach out would mean a ton for the team, and could help them break the all-time wins record for a team at 17. The most consecutive wins by a goalie is also only 14, so today's win over Nashville puts him 2 starts away from tying the record. Hopefully the Oilers can keep climbing up the ranks and breaking records, and it may be able to translate into some more post season success.

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Oilers legend Grant Fuhr has amazing message for Stuart Skinner

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