Oilers defenceman bloodied by dirty play after the game

Published December 9, 2023 at 9:55
Last night's game was destined to be a hard-fought battle, as both the Edmonton Oilers and Minnesota Wild were clawing at each other for two points shortly after firing their coaches. In the end, the Edmonton Oilers hung on for a close 4-3 victory, but the Minnesota Wild were determined to take a pound of flesh with their loss.

As the game wound to a close in a flurry in front of the Oilers' net, Minnesota players let their frustrations escape them, and started wildly grabbing Oiler players for a fight after the game horn.

Mattias Ekholm took the brunt of the impact from a number of Wild players, and was eventually held by Mats Zuccarello while Kirill Kaprizov threw some high punches. Later on in the clip, Ekholm leaves the game with a large cut above his right eye.

Clearly, these two teams have some bad blood for each other, and they'll be in direct competition for a playoff spot too. Hopefully their games for the rest of the season get as wild and passionate as last night.
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Oilers defenceman bloodied by dirty play after the game

Should Kaprizov be fined for this?

Yes22458.8 %
No5614.7 %
Suspend him10126.5 %
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