The Edmonton Oilers hoisting the Stanley Cup.
Photo credit: Edmonton Oilers

Oilers Stanley Cup Ring on Sale for Ridiculous Price

Published January 6, 2024 at 1:32 PM
In the last few years, many items of NHL history have appeared for sale or in auctions to get the important memorabilia out to the public.

Some, including seats from the old Montreal Forum to signed jerseys from the leagues past legends have found their way into new owners' hands.

The Oilers announced recently that a 1990 Oilers Cup winning ring has found its way into the hands of The History Channel's Gold and Silver Pawnshop which is home to the channel's famous show Pawn Stars.


The ring has been listed for a tidy $65,000 USD which is $86,853 CND. It holds great history as this was the last time the Oilers took home the Cup.

It's safe to say, if fans have some extra money that they want to spend and want to own their small part of Oilers and NHL history it's available to purchase.
January 6   |   401 answers
Oilers Stanley Cup Ring on Sale for Ridiculous Price

If money was no object would you buy the 1990 Oilers cup ring?

Yes - I want to own a part of their history20751.6 %
No - I have better things to buy19448.4 %
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