Connor McDavid answering questions post game from the media
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McDavid furious with NHL in post game interview

Published January 10, 2024 at 6:46
Every so often, members of the media will get some great sound bites from NHL stars who voiced their opinions and their disgust when the NHL misses a call that does not go in their favor.

That was quite evident tonight when the Edmonton Oilers faced off against the Bedard-less Chicago Blackhawks.

After the Oilers defeated the Blackhawks 2-1, Oilers captain Connor McDavid met with the media and showed his anger towards an offside call that overturned the goal by Zach Hyman.

McDavid clearly didn't see the merit in even reviewing a play as close as Draisaitl's, and even heard that the referees didn't make the call - that the league did.

Comments like these from a superstar of McDavid's caliber will certainly get the attention of the NHL as these stars begin to take liberties towards the officials.

It's clear with his sarcastic undertones and general body language that he did not agree with the call and felt that the goal was good. He also showed some humor when describing how long the goal took to call back.

With the power of cameras all over the arenas and spotters watching for these offside calls, it certainly has become an art for some NHL teams to find these calls and get these goals overturned.

I expect McDavid to continue to voice his opinion as he does which will turn heads when he speaks.
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McDavid furious with NHL in post game interview

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