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Marc-Andre Fleury connected to Canadian team in trade

Published January 30, 2024 at 10:11
Earlier this season, it seemed certain that the Oilers would target a goalie to add at the trade deadline. Since then, they've received great play from their tandem of Skinner and Pickard, and we're thought to be looking at forwards for trade. However, now NHL insider Frank Seravalli is reporting that the Edmonton Oilers may be looking to acquire Marc-Andre Fleury.

Skinner would still be the regular starting goalie, but Fleury could provide the insurance of a veteran starter in the backup spot, and could be invaluable in the playoffs. If Stuart Skinner were to suffer an injury at any time this year, the Oilers would currently be forced to call up Campbell. Acquiring Fleury as a backup goalie greatly protects the Oilers in case of injury.

Not only that, but Fleury is on an affordable contract and is reported to be incredibly cheap to acquire in trade. Fleury has just this year left on his contract worth $3.5M, and would only cost a 3rd round draft pick in a trade according to Seravalli. With salary retention the cost of the trade would increase, but the contract would be a fit.

Now 39 years old, Fleury is definitely past his prime and his play has begun to take a slide this year. In 23 games this season, Fleury has a 2.95 GAA and .897 save percentage. As a three time Stanley Cup Champion and one of the few goalies to play over 1000 NHL games, Fleury brings more to the Oilers than just his on-ice performance. Back in the hunt for the Stanley Cup, a veteran like Fleury could dial up his game one last time.
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Marc-Andre Fleury connected to Canadian team in trade

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