Jack Campbell has serious problems in last night's AHL game

Published December 9, 2023 at 3:25 PM
As a team with aspirations of competing for the Stanley Cup, the Edmonton Oilers are in sore need for a goaltender. Right now, Stuart Skinner is excelling in the starters' role, but his play has been inconsistent this year and he's still young enough to doubt his ability to start 50+ games.

The Oilers real starter, at least in salary only, is Jack Campbell. His play in the NHL this year lost the Oilers games single-handedly, and he's been in the AHL to find his game. However, this development path hasn't gone as planned, and Jack Campbell's struggles continued again last night.

Campbell and the Condors held on for a 6-4 win. Much like his time with the Oilers, Campbell was bailed out by his team's scoring - he only had a save percentage of .833 and let in a few weak goals.

His continued poor play in the AHL has some fans questioning the organization's decision to call up Campbell soon. With this performance in the minor leagues, how could he be competitive in an NHL game? Now in 8 games with the Condors this year, Campbell has a brutal 3.37 GAA and .887 save percentage. At 31 years old and 4 years left on his contract at $5M, the Oilers need much, much better.

With these types of games and Campbell's recall to Edmonton seemingly imminent, Ken Holland and the Oilers can't make a trade for a goalie fast enough. Their season may depend on it.
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Jack Campbell has serious problems in last night's AHL game

What should the Oilers do with Campbell?

Pay whatever you can to get rid of him17544.1 %
Buy him out13233.2 %
Keep playing him, he'll improve9022.7 %
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