Insider provides major update on Jack Campbell trade

Liam McCormick
January 8, 2024  (9:13)

Jack Campbell with the Edmonton Oilers
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Since beginning this season at a brutal low point, the Edmonton Oilers have now turned everything around with two win streaks of 7+ games. A major point in the Oilers turnaround, other than firing Jay Woodcroft, was sending Jack Campbell down to the AHL. Now, an NHL insider has provided a major update on how the Oilers are trying to deal with Campbell.

Signing with the Oilers just last season for a whopping 5 years at $5M per year, Campbell began struggling in his first season with the team. After just 5 games this season which were even worse than last year, Campbell was sent to the AHL in hopes of regaining his confidence. Instead, things have hit rock bottom, and Campbell has been abysmal in the AHL too. Now with a massive contract and no trade value as an NHL goalie, the Oilers need to get creative to get out of Campbell's contract.
According to Pierre LeBrun in his most recent piece for the Athletic, the Oilers simply aren't willing to pay the high price it will take to move Campbell. His value is such a net negative that the team would have to trade at least 2 first round picks to take on his contract. With that in mind, it's likely impossible a team could take that on in-season at the trade deadline, which makes it more likely that something gets done in the summer. Most likely, the Oilers buy Campbell out, and that would still incur a massive financial penalty on the team for years.
It's a far fall for Campbell, who was hoped to bring stability and a presence in the crease for the Oilers when he signed here just last offseason. Just 41 games into a 5 year contract, Jack Campbell seems like he could be done as an NHL goaltender at all.
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Insider provides major update on Jack Campbell trade

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