Jack Campbell of the Oilers coming off the ice.
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Fans find evidence that confirms Jack Campbell's time in Edmonton is over

Published December 30, 2023 at 2:07 PM
Coming into this season, Oilers fans were hoping for Jack Campbell to bounce back after his tough first year in Edmonton - and the front office seemed to rely on it. Instead, Campbell quickly became unplayable as he single handedly lost the Oilers game with subpar goaltending.

GM Ken Holland sent Campbell to the AHL in November hoping for him to find his game again, but instead he continued to falter. In ten games with Bakersfield, Campbell has a brutal 3.46 GAA and .888 save percentage. Still with four more seasons on his contract at $5M each year, Campbell left a hole in the crease and is an anchor on the Oilers' books.

Things have gotten so bad in Edmonton that one of the hallmarks of an embittered player leaving a team has been found by fans in the city. According to a Twitter post below, fans are finding Campbell's jerseys being sold at half price in local sports stores.

Seeing a jersey on sale at half price is never a good sign for that players' future with the local team. At this point, with his struggles even against lesser talent in the AHL, it really seems like his career in the NHL may be over. He's recently lost the starting goalie job in Bakersfield to Olivier Rodrigue, who's been showing incredible promise for the Oilers and may earn himself the call over Campbell. As of now, it seems likely that the Oilers explore a buyout for Campbell this offseason.
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Fans find evidence that confirms Jack Campbell's time in Edmonton is over

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