Evander Kane blames Wild player for attempting to cut him

Published December 10, 2023 at 7:47
The Oilers' game on Friday night against the Minnesota Wild became an intense one, and Evander Kane found himself at the centre of controversy once again.

Kane delivered a clean, but bone crushing hit on Wild defenceman Jonas Brodin, causing him to leave the game with injury. It may have looked like Kane laid a dirty hit, but the department of player safety ruled after the game that Kane would receive no suspension. However, that didn't stop the Wild from trying to enact revenge.

In an interview after practice yesterday, Kane actually accused a Minnesota player for attempting trying to take a skate blade to his face.

I made a hit, then got punched in the face. Then had a skate dragged over my face, on purpose.

It's a tough accusation from Kane, especially in the wake of recent events in the hockey world. There doesn't seem to be video of the alleged incident, but if there was, the NHL would likely investigate and make a suspension. Since there doesn't seem to be much more coming on this, perhaps Kane is exaggerating an incident.
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Evander Kane blames Wild player for attempting to cut him

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