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Edmonton Oilers interested in 1100 game veteran for trade

Published January 10, 2024 at 1:32 PM
This year, the Oilers will likely approach the trade deadline with an attitude of going all in for the Stanley Cup, but could also be seriously constructed by the salary cap if they can't find a way to move some contracts. Due to the salary issue, the Oilers may be forced to go bargain bin shopping at the deadline for more realistic fits with the team, like an insider reported yesterday.

According to Oilers insider Jim Matheson, the team could be looking at Marc Staal as potential good value add on defence. One of brothers of the set of triplets that dominated NHL storylines for a period of time, Marc Staal has gone on to have a successful career as a depth defender, and reached the Stanley Cup Final with the Florida Panthers last year. As an expiring free agent, the Philadelphia Flyers could look to move him at the deadline if the team is out of the playoffs.

Now 36 years old with 1117 games played and with playoff experience, Marc Staal could bring great value to a playoff team on just a $1.1M contract. For the Oilers, he could fulfill a depth role, or perhaps fill in for a player like Ceci if the team moves him in another trade.

The Oilers have the talent and the ability to get hot as a team and make a deep run in the playoffs, and acquiring the right players at the deadline might push them over the top to achieve that goal. Hopefully, with the right moves, the Oilers can win the Stanley Cup this year.
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Edmonton Oilers interested in 1100 game veteran for trade

Should the Oilers trade for Marc Staal?

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