Draisaitl with the Oilers
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Draisaitl has detailed argument with referees caught on live mic

Published January 29, 2024 at 10:18
One of the best in depth views fans can get to NHL games is when teams and the league decide to mic-up a player during a game. Recently, footage was released from the Oilers game against the Rangers last December, and featured Leon Draisaitl being extremely vocal on the ice.

Specifically, the mic caught Draisaitl in a fascinating argument about the details of faceoffs with the referees. Draisaitl is clearly frustrated with the referee and is trying to plead his case against the way the referee drops the puck, but also tows the line to not anger the ref. His main argument seems to be that the referee was allowing the Rangers to set up on D-zone draws and dropping the puck in a way that disadvantaged Draisaitl.

Summing up the argument near the end, Draisaitl says this to a ref during a stoppage in play:

Do you understand where I'm coming from? In the offensive zone, so if I'm in the offensive zone, he's down, you guys have to let the offensive side at least get set. You know what I mean? If you're set, and I go like this, and you throw it, of course I'm gonna jump.

It's also hilarious hearing Draisaitl try to reel in his frustrations and try to maintain a good relationship with the referees. After the play, he's skating up to them saying things like «do you see where I'm coming from» and agreeing «100%» with some of the refs statements.

It's amazing when fans get this type of in-depth content from live mics on the ice, it's truly the closest we can get to the feel of the NHL.
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Draisaitl has detailed argument with referees caught on live mic

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