Markstrom in net for the Flames.
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Flames place player on trading block indicating they've given up this season

Published January 11, 2024 at 5:38 PM
With the recent downfall of the Calgary Flames, the Flames are going to be a team to keep an eye on with many possible moves that they could make. With big names such as Lindholm and Hanifin on the block, one name that has flown under the radar is goaltender Jacob Markstrom. In this article from The Fourth Period, they cover what could potentially be Markstrom's future in Calgary.

The Fourth Period states that the Flames have received some interest on Jacob Markstrom, which makes sense since he is a goalie that has been a consistent starter since he arrived in Calgary in 2020, with an amazing seaosn in 2021-22 where he finished second in Vezina voting. With the emergence of Dustin Wolf as well, this frees up the Flames to let go of a goalie and still have their goalie of the future.

The other issue with a Markstrom trade is his high cap hit and no-move clause. Markstrom carries a cap hit of $6M until 2025-26, which would be very expensive for most contenders in the league, and would likely require salary retention. Markstrom also has a no-move clause which has not been addressed with him yet, but belief seems to be that he would waive it to head to a contender, as that was his reason for arriving in Calgary in the first place.

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Flames place player on trading block indicating they've given up this season

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