The Stanley Cup finals are set Who would you rather win?

Published May 30, 2023 at 10:26
There is no doubt that every NHL season, including playoffs, is a long and hard battle between teams to win a Stanley Cup. As we all know, it comes down to one team winning the game after all the highlights and blunders have been shown.

The 2023 NHL Stanley Cup finals are set. The Vegas Golden Knights will meet the Florida Panthers for the first time. Both organizations share a common ground where both in the early years of their adoption went to the Stanley Cup finals. It will be the second time the Knights have gone and the Panthers.

It remains who Oilers fans would like to see win the Stanley Cup. Is it the Vegas Golden Knights who you met in the second round and were beaten with questionable calls and terrible antics which included the lumberjack chop of Leon Draisaitl from Knights defenseman Alex Pietrangelo?

In 2023, was the Florida Panthers 17th overall in the NHL and made the playoffs after the Pittsburgh Penguins lost to the Chicago Blackhawks in the final game. It's no secret that Matthew Tkachuk was the star of the Calgary Flames and a thorn in the Oilers' side.

The finals might not interest some, some might watch because that's what they do, but it will be an exciting battle between these two teams, especially in terms of physicality.
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