The NHL should allow players to make it to the Olympics once and for all, MCDAVID says

Published September 28, 2023 at 4:36
In the same way that he has lacked experience playing in an Olympic game, Connor McDavid has also lacked experience playing in a Stanley Cup Final, unlike one Sidney Crosby.

Due to the NHL's exclusion of NHL players from Olympic competition since 2014, he wants to change all that.

«I'm never going to lighten up on the best-on-best issue,» he said. «It's something that I feel very strongly about. I know other guys do as well. I think when top guys are talking about it, hopefully the right people are listening knowing how strongly we feel about it.»

In 2018, NHL players were excluded from the Olympics in South Korea, and have been excluded from international competition since Nagano in 1998.

It is important to McDavid, like fans, to see the best playing against each other during the Olympics.

«Obviously a lot has been made about it, but I certainly don't feel good about it,» he said. «We're missing a huge chunk of international play of best-on-best. What goals are you going to see (on highlights)? It's the Mario-and-Gretz goal (in the 1987 Canada Cup). Obviously, Sid (Crosby) in 2010.

«These are iconic moments, and they only happen in best-on-best tournaments. We're missing that. We've been missing it for a long time. I think everybody is hoping to get that back.»

It was in 2014 and 2015 that McDavid played for Team Canada in the World Junior Hockey Championships.

If the World Cup of Hockey takes place in 2025, or if the 2026 Olympics take place, his next best shot can be in 2025.

It's about McDavid not getting a chance to play with Sidney Crosby in an Olympic setting and he wants to address that before Crosby leaves. Crosby even indicated that he was willing to shift to the wing to allow such a massive event to take place.

«We're talking about some of the greatest (players) of all time,» McDavid said. «He's definitely right up there just in terms of what he's done individually, winning at every level. He's done it all, and obviously done it for a long time. He's done it at a very high level for a long time. Very, very impressive. I have nothing but respect for him and what he's done.»

Although McDavid has surpassed Crosby when it comes to the Art Ross and Hart Trophies, Crosby still has McDavid beat when it comes to Stanley Cups, which he has won three of.

We share McDavid's feelings on the matter, as a pairing between Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby would be a once-in-a-lifetime event everyone should be able to see and experience.

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