Dominik Hasek Releases Controversial Statement on Alex Ovechkin and His Son

Published February 5, 2023 at 10:25
The NHL All-Star weekend attracted a lot of attention on social media during the past three to four days, but not for the right reasons. There wasn't much to look forward to, and hockey was the only thing on TV,  fans at home had to sit through a snooze-fest. Since the event seemed to be quite disorganized and chaotic, fans were not happy and were left with little excitement.

 "Baby Ovechkin" was one thing that attracted a lot of positive attention from fans, but one former NHL'er is NOT having it whatsoever.
The situation seen below is what sparked former NHL'r Dominik Hasek to be enraged:

Dominik Hasek, a former Hall of Famer, is not happy that Sergei is getting so much love and support from the fans and has turned the story into a very political argument that is generating a lot of controversy.

"The [NHL] has sunk to rock bottom! Letting Ovechkin's son perform on the ice at the NHL All-Star is spitting in the face of approximately 500 killed, thousands injured and tens of thousands of kidnapped Ukrainian children. The NHL and Gary Bettman must pay for this heinous act!"

This remark is causing a lot of controversy since Ovechkin continues to support the Russian president and stands by him during the invasion of Ukraine. Hasek has stated another time that Russian athletes should be banned from the NHL.

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