BREAKING: The Oilers May Be Signing an Enemy

Published May 24, 2023 at 10:55
NHL insider, Elliotte Friedman, has made an intriguing revelation by stating that Corey Perry, a seasoned forward with a Stanley Cup victory to his name, will be available on the unrestricted free agent market.

This means that any team in the league can potentially offer him a contract. The news has sparked speculation among fans, particularly those of the Edmonton Oilers, who are contemplating whether the team should pursue Perry if he is willing to accept a league minimum contract under $1 million per year.

The Oilers are facing a challenging situation with limited cap space for the upcoming season, as several players are due for pay raises.

In this context, the prospect of acquiring Perry on a budget-friendly deal becomes highly enticing. Perry brings a wealth of experience, tenacity, and a winning pedigree that could greatly benefit the Oilers' roster. His ability to contribute both on and off the ice makes him an attractive option for a team seeking to bolster its lineup without breaking the bank.

As fans eagerly await the Oilers' decision, the potential addition of Corey Perry to their roster has undoubtedly sparked excitement and optimism for the upcoming season.
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