BREAKING: Arizona Coyotes $2.1 Billion Tempe Arena Proposal Denied

Published May 16, 2023 at 10:29 PM
The Coyotes proposed a possible arena change for the team, which would cost $2.1 Billion, it would also act as an entertainment district.

This proposal was extremely outvoted, even though this was probably the best option for the Coyotes, due to the fact the team has already moved twice in as many years. It looks like Arizona will be coming to a close soon, as the city doesn't seem to care. Tempe voters, leaned close to 60% "NO" votes.

Coyotes president & CEO Xavier A. Gutierrez expressed, "We are very disappointed that Tempe voters did not approve propositions 301, 302 & 303. As Tempe Mayor Corey Woods, this was the best arena deal in the history of Arizona."
Xavier A. Gutierrez also added that what is next for the Coyotes will be evaluated by the team and Gary Bettman in the coming weeks. Gutierrez departed without taking questions. He was visibly shaken up.

The organization is obviously committed to staying in Arizona, but it looks very unlikely with the way things are going at the moment.

Gary Bettman, spoke about the news, expressing how disappointed the NHL is with the Tempe voters.

MAY 17      258 ANSWERS
YES21282.2 %
NO4617.8 %
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