REPORT: Erik Karlsson's Official Price Tag Revealed - Can The Oilers Do it?

BY SKY    JANUARY 13, 2023  (4:20 PM)
Erik Karlsson, a former and current..? Elite defenseman who was drafted and spent many years with Ottawa, many never expected to leave the city, but it happened. In return for draft picks, Karlsson was traded to the San Jose Sharks, but those picks ultimately bit San Jose in the rear as the Senators selected Tim Stutzle, Josh Norris, and other players with the picks they got for Karlsson.

Now that San Jose is far from a playoff berth, it looks like Karlsson is poised to enter the trade market as he has previously mentioned that he would love some postseason action and Karlsson + the Sharks have agreed on it.

The primary issue is his deal; Karlsson will make $11.5 million per year until 2027–2028, which is only $1 million less than what Connor McDavid makes.

The asking price for Erik Karlsson has been made public by NHL insider Frank Seravalli, and it's very intriguing.

The San Jose Sharks are asking for 3 first-round picks, and are willing to retain 18% of Erik Karlsson's contract in exchange of a trade

That is a significant asking price; even with 18% retained, that is a deal for more than $9 million year, which MANY candidates will not even want to consider signing. Karlsson might not find playoff hockey anytime soon if he is interested in it, and you can bet the Oilers are officially out on Karlsson, if they were ever even ''in''.