Maple Leafs Matt Murray Reportedly Caught Cheating on LIVE TV Last Night

BY SKY    JANUARY 8, 2023  (11:43 PM)
The Toronto Maple Leafs have had a fantastic season, but occasionally, as some may argue, their goaltenders' "play style" is controversial.Matt Murray, a goalie with the Toronto Maple Leafs, made headlines earlier in the season after it was discovered that he had intentionally knocked his net off the bearings in order to get the referee to blow the whistle and make the play dead.

Last night, Matt Murray did something suspiciously fishy once more, and the Twitter account that noticed it was even ran by a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. When the Leafs had the puck in the offensive zone during play, Matt Murray was seen removing his net from its mountings. Even though he may have believed that all eyes were on the action at the other end of the rink, the cameras caught him!

Some are saying he was attempting to fix his net, some are saying he was attempting to prepare it and make sure it would get knocked off it's bearings when need be- regardless, it isn't a good look due to the incident earlier this season.