Klim Kostin Converts A Calgary Flames Fan To Be An Oilers Fan

BY S. HARPER    JANUARY 28, 2023  (10:08)
When it comes to the Edmonton Oilers most popular players most fan favorites include Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, Evander Kane, and Zach Hyman. There's also other Oilers that get their fair shares of fans, but there's one Oiler that's popularity continues to rise.

That player is Oilers Russian forward Klim Kostin. The big 6'3 215 pound 23 year-old has been outstanding for the Oilers. Playing in 33 games, Kostin has contributed 9 goals, and 4 assists and has had a couple spirited fights defending his teammates, Kostin has done everything Oilers Head Coach Jay Woodcroft has asked and more.

Kostin was recently on the Jason Gregor Show, and was confronted by a Calgary Flames fan. The Flames fan wanted a hug which was egged on by the host, Kostin instead took his jersey off giving it to the Flames fan who would put it on converting him to become a Oilers fan.