''He was a young ******* little punk'' Former NHL'er Speaks on Evander Kane's Past

BY SKY    JANUARY 25, 2023  (9:17)
Evander Kane has clearly not had a perfect past, but many people haven't as well- it is perfectly okay to have a rough past as long as the individual learns from it, and moves forward, as Kane has. Kane has had locker room issues since his rookie season in Atlanta/Winnipeg, but since has sprouted into a much better individual with the Edmonton Oilers.

One of Evander Kane's former teammates hopped on a podcast and touched base on Evander Kane's past, and time in Winnipeg. He shared a few stories, but one wasn't the nicest, check it out below.

''He was, an 18 year old, he wouldn't listen to everybody and this is why so many incidents happen. Im glad he changed he grew up and has a family now, thats good he's changed.''

''He would not listen, he was just a f****** young punk. Nobody had time for him.''

The podcast can be viewed below: