Brad Marchand Made Some Surprising Comments Towards a Canadian Team

BY SKY    JANUARY 14, 2023  (3:51 PM)
The Boston Bruins are taking on the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight, the two teams are one, if not the biggest rivals throughout the past 10 years in the NHL but it seems as if Brad Marchand is heading into the game ''lighthearted'' if you may say.

Brad Marchand on the Leafs this morning: "It's a matter of time until they make a really good push and go deep. They're just too talented.

Seeing Marchand praise the Maple Leafs is quite something else, but really proves that he does have class, and addresses appreciation when deserved,

Marchand even went further into detail about the Toronto Maple Leafs, stating how difficult they are to play against:

you have to respect it, but they have definitely gotten better over the last number of years. They brought some D in that are much more defensively responsible, harder to play against, a little more physical and a little bigger. They are definitely improving, they are legit contenders this year

No matter how much Marchand praises the Leafs, hockey fans can expect them to be golfing after the first round of playoffs!