Tuesday, 30 October 2018

One of the my favourite books about the Edmonton Oilers - Looking out for number one by Dave Semenko

A close friend gave me this book in 1989, I read it a few hours and it was compelling reading.  In the days before the internet insider stories about the NHL were very rare.  The late Dave Semenko's book gives a fascinating insight into live as an enforce in the league during the early 80s.

The book is full of uncensored accounts of his times on and off the ice as a professional and junior hockey player.

Lots of information on his relationship with Wayne Gretzky and his battle to be a player as well as a tough guy.

You also gain a real insight into the hatred at times between their NHL rivals at the time, particularly the Flames and the Islanders.

You won't find the book in stores now but it can be found in the Amazon Marketplace, definitely worth picking up a copy if you can find one at a sensible price.